EMODnet Sea-basin Checkpoints are meeting in Rome on 13 September 2017 to discuss the latest results and EMODnet Stakeholder Conference outcome.
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The 2017 GOSE Workshop will focus on forging new connections within the global marine community, bringing together the oceean science, education, policy and business sectors.

11 January 2017 in BXL: a forum of practical exchanges for policy makers to understand what existing solutions the European Open Science Cloud can build on, and technological and user perspectives that can help merge these services together to mak

The workshop is organised by the University of Marine Technology (CSIC) and the Polytechnical University of Catalunia (UPC).

The workshop is jointly organised by ESA, ROSA and the National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa", Romania.

The 2018 Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region will focus mainly on EU cohesion policy after 2020 and the future of EU macro-regional strategies ("After 2020").

The workshop will address questions such as:

The event is an activity of the MARINA project, the only H2020 initiative focused on implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) within the European marine sphere.

During 2017, Plan4Blue project organised an expert survey and a workshop.

BalticLINes is organising an international shipping sector stakeholder meeting and interactive simulation for the Baltic Sea “Shaping the Future of Shipping in the Baltic Sea”.

This workshop will allow participants to have a global presentation of MSP history and first implementation.

The Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission organised a two-day workshop on 15-16 March 2018 in Portorož, Slovenia, on the topic of how to apply maritime spatial planning (MSP) in small sea spaces.