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Jacek Zaucha

Jacek Zaucha

Professor Jacek Zaucha (PhD in economics from the Gdańsk University) is a member of the faculty of the Economics Department of the Gdañsk University (since 1994), and also associated with  the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (since 2007). He served in several public bodies active in the field of his research interests, such as a member of the Committee on the Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Region of the ministerial cooperation Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea (VASAB) (1994 - 2008) and Chair of VASAB (2015-2016), member of the Senior Officials Group (SOG) of the Baltic Agenda 21 (1997 - 2007), member of the VASAB-HELCOM Working Group on Maritime Spatial Planning (since 2010). 

He is the  main author of the first two maritime pilot spatial plans in Poland (2008, 2010), he led the work on preparation of the stock-taking report (Study on conditions of spatial management of Polish Sea Areas) and now is responsible for drafting first official maritime spatial plan in Poland. In 2013 he also elaborated the report on blue growth in Poland in co-operation with S.Pro.  He has published more than 110 scientific publications and contributed to several MSP related scientific projects: ARCH (FP7), MUSES (HORIZON 2020), BaltSpace (BONUS) and many others.


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