Baltic Sea

RETROUT is a project that develops and promotes the Baltic Sea region as a coastal fishing tourism destination with the focus placed on the sea trout.


The Maritime Business Strategy and the Blue Overview Plan are two policy documents that have been drawn up in parallel in Northern Bohuslän, which includes Strömstad, Tanum, Sotenäs and Lysekil municipalities.


The Blue economy concept and the Blue Growth agenda as a set of strategic objectives, offer principles and guidance to identify blue economy potential for the cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes.

Capacity4MSP will create a practically oriented and interactive collaboration platform for MSP stakeholders, decision- and policy makers that will inform, support and enhance on-going MSP efforts by capitalising on the outcomes of various transnat


The aim of the study to provide general guidance to planners, decision makers and stakeholders in improving the competitiveness and effectiveness of maritime planning activities existing within the national marine jurisdiction, while at the same t


This report examines and summarizes the role of the Natura 2000 nature protection framework in MSP.


This guide is targeted at regional planners and spatial data officers involved in national and cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning.

The research project seeks to contribute to how social sustainability dimensions can be effectively included in MSP through conceptual development and by examining MSP practice in Germany, Poland and Latvia.

Marine and coastal areas, face similar environmental and spatial planning challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.

For this call all Specific Objectives (SOs) are open for applications. In total, at least 12m euros are available in four priorities.

Frontiers in Marine Science

This study developed a Disturbance Vulnerability Index (DVI) for 26 seabird species for disturbance from ship traffic in the German Baltic and North Seas.


The Plan4Blue project has developed four scenarios to depict how planning choices may affect people and the marine nature in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea.