Baltic Sea

Journal of Coastal Conservation, volume 25

The Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive was ratified (2014/89/EU) along the Strategy of the European Union (EU) on the Blue Economy to contribute to the effective management of maritime activities and resources and incorporate the principal

Transaction in GIS, volume 25, Issue 4

Maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a decision-making process for managing human activities at sea. Stakeholder participation is critical to MSP processes.

The aim of the eMSP NBSR project is to enable Maritime Spatial Planners of managing authorities and policymakers from the North and Baltic Sea Regions to reflect on current MSP practices, to learn effectively from each other, and to collectively i

Floating offshore wind has the potential to unleash a new European industrial sector able to deliver clean and sustainable energy.

Marine Policy, Volume 130

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has gained momentum recently. Almost all EU coastal states prepare various types of maritime spatial plans.

Marine Policy, Volume 130

With the enactment of the European Maritime Spatial Planning Directive many coastal Member States are confronted with the challenge of applying Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) in the context of setting up marine spatial plans for the fi

Marine Policy, Volume 124

A new proposed framework to assess sustainability impacts of maritime spatial plans (MSP-SA) utilises the ecosystem service (ES) concept to address the often-lacking social sustainability of the plans.

Marine Policy, Volume 129

In the last four decades there has been a significant increase in experiences to implement marine spatial planning and the interest of the scientific community in evaluating the impacts of these policies.

International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2020: Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2020 pp 394-404

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) requires the analysis of the spatial distribution of marine uses and environmental conditions.

Ecological Indicators, Volume 108

The Lithuanian sea space belongs to the smallest sea areas in Europe.

Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 209

The implementation of marine spatial plans as required by the Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) of the European Union (EU) poses novel demands for the development of decision support tools (DST).