PHAROS4MPAs - Blue Economy and Marine Conservation: Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environmental Status


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PHAROS4MPAs - Blue Economy and Marine Conservation: Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environmental Status

Project Implementation Period: 
December 2017 - January 2020
Specific Funding Programme: 

Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020



About the Project: 

The general objective of the PHAROS4MPAs project is to enhance management effectiveness and networking for Mediterranean MPAs, in order to contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity and natural ecosystems, taking into account the complex ensemble of human activities developed within the Blue Growth perspective and their interaction with protected areas and marine ecosystems. To achieve this goal PHAROS4MPAs supports the implementation of EU maritime policies for the sustainable management of human activities and the protection of Mediterranean ecosystems, including the MSP Directive and the MSFD among the others.

Specifically, this project aims to capitalize existing results delivered by EU-funded projects and other initiatives concerning MPAs and their interactions with economic sectors by developing an integrated framework for recommendations on the necessary practical collaboration between MPAs and such maritime sectors. Project outputs include delivering common capitalization baselines, recommendations and policy tools adapted to appropriation by the MedPAN network, MSP authorities, the European Commission, the Barcelona Convention and the various maritime sectors.

Project Partners

PHAROS4MPAs involves the following partners:

  • World Wide Fund for Nature - France (France), Lead partner
  • Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (International)
  • Regional Development Funds for North Aegean Region (Greece)
  • National Agency of Protected Areas (Albania) 
  • Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation (Slovenia) 
  • National Research Council (Italy) 
  • World Wide Fund for Nature - Mediterranean (International)
  • Girona University (Spain)

Final deliverables

The PHAROS4MPAs project provided a set of practical recommendations and policy briefs for MPA managers, MSP authorities and businesses on how the environmental impacts of seven sectors can be prevented or minimized.

Further, the project developed a Decision Support Tool for the Blue Economy in Marine Protected Areas (DST-MPA), available here.

National reports