Nature and Nurture of the Northern Baltic Sea


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Nature and Nurture of the Northern Baltic Sea

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2009 - January 2012
Specific Funding Programme: 

Central Baltic Interreg IVA Programme 2007-2013



About the Project: 

The archipelago of Finland, Åland and Sweden is naturally nutrient-rich and highly productive, featuring a diverse and unique flora and fauna. However, there are conflicting needs when it comes to the use of the area. Therefore, sustainable planning becomes very important, and more information about the special features of the underwater nature is needed.

NANNUT project aims to protect the underwater nature of the Northern Baltic archipelago and coastal areas by improving the facilities to implement sustainable planning.

Its goal is also to increase sustainable infrastructure by firstly, developing and testing locally optimal methods in collecting and processing the underwater data and secondly, by adapting the usage of underwater information into stakeholders ordinary work.

Main project activities:

  • Organisation of a series of stakeholder seminars both for local politicians and other main target groups such as planners. I
  • Production of a web portal containing data sets and maps about valuable areas in the project area.
  • Outreach activities and production of a DVD describing important nature types under the surface.

Project partners

  • Aronia research/Novia university of Applied Sciences – Lead partner (FI)
  • Centre of Maritime Studies – University of Turku (FI)
  • Southwest Finland Regional Environment Centre (FI)
  • Natural Heritage Services (FI)
  • Government of Åland (FI),
  • Stockholm University Department of Botany (SE)
  • Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FI)
  • Southeast Finland Regional Environment Centre (FI)
  • Regional Council of Southwest Finland (FI)
  • Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre (FI).