MAritime REgions cooperation for the MEDiterranean


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MAritime REgions cooperation for the MEDiterranean

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2010 - January 2013
Specific Funding Programme: 

MED Programme – European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013



About the Project: 

MAREMED aimed to strengthen the horizontal coordination of regional (sub-national) coastal and maritime policies, as well as their vertical coordination with policies implemented at the national, Mediterranean and European levels. The project focused on coastal and maritime issues characterised by a relevant transnational dimension: data management, fisheries, governance, climate change adaptation in coastal areas, pollution and ICZM. Project main outcome included:

  • Innovative approaches to territorial governance
  • Cooperation between technical stakeholders
  • Operational instruments to support territorial and maritime policy decision-making
  • Identification of specific Mediterranean problems
  • Dialogue on maritime policy in the framework of the Barcelona Convention and Union of the Mediterranean processes.

Project partners

  • Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur Region (FR) – Lead partner
  • Larnaca District Development Agency (CY)
  • Valencian Community (ES)
  • Murcia Region (ES)
  • Corsica Region (FR)
  • Region of Crete (GR)
  • Emilia Romagna Region (IT)
  • Lazio Region (IT)
  • Liguria region (IT)
  • Marche region (IT)
  • Toscana Region (IT)
  • CRPM Inter-Mediterranean Commission

The project also included the following associated partners: Catalonia Region (Spain) and Aquitaine Region (France).