INSPIRE Marine Pilot

INSPIRE Marine Pilot

Project Implementation Period: 
December 2014 - December 2017
Specific Funding Programme: 

The activity is funded by the ISA programme as part of the EULF Action, by DG ENV, and by JRC. The EEA, NL, DE, and DK are partners in the first phase project and are contributing in-kind.

About the Project: 

The EULF marine pilot supported Member States in complying with the MSFD obligations by providing guidance and building capacity in the stakeholder community. It clarified the requirements of INSPIRE and MSFD, as well as the overlaps and potential for collaboration between INSPIRE and the European Marine Observations Data Network (EMODnet) community. It provided technical guidelines for marine data sharing, establishing a re-usable pattern for reporting on other indicators, also coming from other EU legislation articulated along the legal, organisational, semantic and technical levels of interoperability. The marine pilot also helped deepen the understanding of the stakeholder community in how INSPIRE can be used for streamlining the e-reporting to the EU institutions (European Commission, European Environment Agency). The use case of sharing and reporting data on chlorophyll-a concentrations showed the value of the INSPIRE infrastructure in fostering the reuse of marine data and information into several communities or settings, as well as for streamlining the reporting process to the EU institutions. It has also suggested possible ways to reform the reporting process of MSFD-related spatial data, in order to improve efficiency and timeliness, and increase comparability and transparency, following the principle of “collect once, reuse many times”. 

The aim of the INSPIRE marine pilot is to help improve the understanding of INSPIRE in the management of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)-related spatial information, and to provide guidance and tools that facilitate the mentioned obligations.

The pilot focused on a few datasets needed to underpin the MSFD reporting, and work-out complete examples of INSPIRE-based data management. In the first phase of the pilot this is done for data holdings in NL, DE, and DK. In the second phase the guidelines, tools and expertise are promoted in other countries participating in MSFD Working Group Data Information and Knowledge Exchange (DIKE).