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Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea

Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea

Project Implementation Period: 
July 2019 - July 2021
Specific Funding Programme: 




Total eligible costs €1.562.099

About the Project: 

The main objective of the project “Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea (MARSPLAN-BS II)” is to support the coherent cross-sectoral MSP in Bulgaria and Romania and establish a long-lasting mechanism for the Black Sea Basin cross-border cooperation on MSP. This will be achieved building on the earlier MARSPLAN-BS project (MSP 2014) to further develop the national maritime spatial plants through addressing LSI and multi-use, taking into account environmental, socio-economic aspects, coherence between plans and other processes (ICZM), and strengthening the early transboundary cooperation between BG and RO.

Concretely, the project will:

  • Following an analysis of current and future uses and conditions, developing draft MSPs for RO and BG during the project,
  • Analysis and use of best available data and development of GIS mapping and tools.
  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation tool and method for the MSPs.
  • Establishing the public participation process by 1) informing all interested parties and 2) consulting all relevant stakeholders, authorities and public during the development of the MSPs and 3) organise a cross-border consultation on plan proposals.
  • Involving non-EU countries in the Black Sea through an Advisory Board with representatives from relevant institutions from non-EU states (Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution, Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation) and 3 representatives from other sea basins for knowledge exchange).


Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Republic of Bulgaria (MRDPW)


  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) (RO)
  • National Center for Regional Dvelopment EAD (NCRD) (BG)
  • National Institute for Marine Research and Development - Grigore Antipz (NIMRD) (RO)
  • Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (CCMS) (BG)
  • Institutul National de Cercetare-Desvoltare Pentru Geologie si Geoecologie Marina (GeoEcoMar) (RO)
  • Ovidius University of Constanta (OUC) (RO)
  • Nikola Vapstarov Naval Academy (NVNA) (BG)