Cross-Border MARitime Spatial PLANning in the Black Sea

Cross-Border MARitime Spatial PLANning in the Black Sea

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2015 - February 2018
Specific Funding Programme: 

EU DG MARE Calls for proposals



About the Project: 

The MARSPLAN BS Project main objectives are:

  • To support  the implementation of the EU Directive for Maritime Spatial Planning in the Black Sea Basin, starting with its Member States, Romania and Bulgaria
  • To create an MSP institutional framework for Romania-Bulgaria cross-border
  • To develop the cooperation with all Black Sea countries in the field of  MSP
  • To consolidate the cross-border cooperation and the information exchange between Romania and Bulgaria
  • To set out the vision and strategic goals for Black Sea area on MSP, taking into account the land sea interaction
  • To elaborate MSP Plan for the Romania – Bulgaria cross-border area
  • To contribute to a wider dissemination of all gathered information concerning MSP field, Black Sea area, best practices and stakeholders.

The MARSPLAN project has planned

  • to elaborate MPS Methodology, MSP indicators, MSP legislation support, plans;  
  • to elaborate a complete analysis of the Romanian and Bulgarian marine areas
  • to design a MSP Plan for Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area
  • to develop MSP strategies, vision

The project included five pilot case areas:

  • Eforie area - Romania
  • Sfantul Gheorghe – Romania
  • Bourgas Port – Bulgaria
  • New ship routing system in territorial seas of Bulgaria and Romania
  • Aquaculture and fisheries

In addition partners engaged national, transnational & regional (Black Sea) bodies, non EU members, representatives of Black Sea Commission (from Istanbul), organisations, administrative and research institutions, NGOs in a dialogue on a Black Sea level. Through a sequence of workshops and different events, the project sought to increase public and stakeholder understanding of what MSP means to them and the transnational nature of their topic.

Project partners

  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Bucharest (RO) – Lead Partner
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Sofia (BG)
  • Ministry of Environment, Department of Water, Forests and Fisheries, Bucharest (RO)
  • National Institut for Marine Research and Development “G.Antipa”, Constanta (RO)
  • “Danube Delta” National Institut for Research and Development, Tulcea (RO)
  • National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development (RO)
  • “Ovidius” University of Constanta (RO)
  • Executive Agency "Maritime Administration", Sofia (BG)
  • Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, Sofia (BG)
  • Institute of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BG)