Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans

Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2016 - April 2019
Specific Funding Programme: 

INTERREG V B: Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020



About the Project: 

Baltic LINes seeks to increase the transnational coherence of shipping routes and energy corridors in Maritime Spatial Plans in the BSR. This will prevent cross-border mismatches and secure transnational connectivity as well as an efficient use of Baltic Sea space.

In the scope of the project, a structured and coordinated involvement process with relevant national/ transnational stakeholders is carried out. Taking into consideration the forecast economic, environmental as well as technological developments at sea and on land, Baltic LINes project partners are assessing requirements of the shipping and energy sector towards MSP and their spatial implications. The information gathered will be visualised in scenarios with the help of the MSP Challenge, a computer-supported simulation game, which for this purpose will be adapted to the framework of the project and which will enable the collection of sectors’ feedback.

Baltic LINes will improve access to relevant MSP data needed for the development of strategic plans for shipping lines and energy infrastructures in the Baltic Sea by piloting the first ever BSR MSP data infrastructure.

Project partners

  • Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) (DE)- Lead Partner
  • Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and State Development, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (DE)
  • Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SE)
  • Maritime Office in Gdynia (MOG) (PL)
  • Maritime Institute in Gdansk (PL)
  • Coastal Research and Planning Institute (LT)
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (LV)
  • University of Tartu (EE)
  • University of Aalborg (DK)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (FI)
  • Finnish Transport Agency (FI)
  • NHTV University of Applied Sciences (NL)
  • HELCOM Secretariat (BSR)
  • VASAB Secretariat (BSR)


  • s.Pro sustainable-projects GmbH