The Arcachon Basin Sea Enhancement Scheme


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The Arcachon Basin Sea Enhancement Scheme

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2016
About the Project: 

The SMVM aims at :

  • Defining the main orientations to the protection of maritime and seaside environment, to fisheries and culture farming, to leisure and sea leisure, while supporting a balanced development of these activities,
  • Giving activities preferences to every area

Project partners:

A Prefect order established a working group in April 1994. The working group brought together members of local authorities, representative bodies, socio-professional organisations, relevant public institutions and relevant NGOs and specialists.

Its aim was to drive and validate the developments and the orientations of the SMVM.

Three thematic committees were then created:

  • marine farming and fisheries
  • tourism and leisure
  • quality of water and protection of environment