Situation Plan - Maritime Spatial Planning Plan (PSOEM)


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This interactive geoportal provides access to the Portuguese MSP Situation Plan (PSOEM, approved in December 2019) and to the main spatial evidence applied for its elaboration.  

Sea Basin(s): 
Application in MSP: 
Unknown effect
Not sector specific
Type of Issue: 
Coexistence of uses
Economic aspects
Environment aspects
Land-sea interactions
Resilience to climate change
Safety aspects
Type of practice: 
Stage of MSP cycle: 
Analyse spatial aspects
Cross-border / trans-national aspect: 
Coherence with other processes: 
Habitats and Birds Directive
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Questions this practice may help answer: 

  • How is the Portuguese MSP Situation Plan spatially defined?  
  • What spatial data is applied for the elaboration of the Portuguese MSP Situation Plan? 
  • What are the main regulations in force in the Portuguese waters? 
  • Where do marine activities occur in the Portuguese waters?  

Implementation Context: 

This geoportal is elaborated in the framework of the Portuguese Marine Spatial Planning Policy approved in December 2019, under the authority of the Directorate General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM). The DGRM is responsible for the management of the information regarding the subdivisions of the continent and the extended continental shelf. 

Aspects / Objectives: 

The geoportal is created in order to provide access to the Portuguese MSP Situation Plan approved in December 2019, as well as to the spatial data applied for its elaboration. 


The geoportal integrates spatial data produced by various entities (i.e. DGRM, IH, APA, IPMA, ICNF etc.).  

Main Outputs / Results: 

The website provides a visualization of the main Portuguese maritime spatial data (including the environmental data, as well as information on activities, regulations and jurisdictions).   


Although the geoportal is specific to Portugal, its structure could be replicated to other national or regional geoportals.

Responsible Entity: 

Directorate General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM) 

Autonomous Region of Madeira - Regional Secretary of Environment, Natural Ressources.  

Contact person: 

Directorate General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services