Recommendations on Maritime Spatial Planning Across Borders


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This report provides the summary of recommendations for cross-border MSP developed in the context of the Baltic SCOPE project. The recommendations cover four aspects (transboundary cooperation, processes, planning evidence, stakeholders and platforms) and sectors (shipping, fisheries, energy, environment). 

Sea Basin(s): 
Application in MSP: 
Unknown effect
Nature protection
Offshore renewable energy production
Type of Issue: 
Coexistence of uses
Cross-border cooperation
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Vision and aims
Cross-border / trans-national aspect: 

Questions this practice may help answer

What are important considerations for transboundary MSP?


Implementation Context

The recommendations were developed in the context of the Baltic SCOPE project.



Aspects / Objectives

Provide recommendations that are useful to planners, policy-makers and others dealing with MSP in the Baltic Sea and possibly other contexts to make future work easier, more effective and efficient.



The recommendations are based on joint project experience, the problems and needs explored while working towards coherent and cross-border solutions in Baltic MSP plans. The recommendations were compiled in a comprehensive drafting process dealing with all project partners. Sector recommendations were formulated based on input from ministries and agencies responsible for the shipping, fisheries, energy and environment sectors, along with their scientific experts on the topics


Main Outputs / Results

A list of recommendations for aspects of MSP (transboundary cooperation, processes, planning evidence, and stakeholders and platforms) and sectors (shipping, fisheries, energy, environment). For each recommendation, there is a named target group.



Most recommendations are specific to the Baltic context, but could be reviewed and considered for applicability in other contexts. 

Responsible Entity

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SE) – Lead Partner


Costs / Funding Source

Funding Source: the report was developed within the BalticSCOPE project, funded by EMFF.

Costs: Overall project budget = 2.600.000€


Contact person

Ingela Isaksson

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Tel : 0046 (0)10 698 6229

Mobile : 0046 (0)703 662529