MarSP Atlas of the Macaronesia


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The document provides a detailed atlas of the maritime issues in the Macronesia. It is produced within the framework of the MarSP project, aimed at assisting the competent authorities of Portugal and Spain in implementation of the maritime spatial planning in the Macaronesian Archipelagos of Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands.

Sea Basin(s): 
Application in MSP: 
Taken into account in an MSP process
Not sector specific
Type of Issue: 
Coexistence of uses
Cross-border cooperation
Economic aspects
Environment aspects
Land-sea interactions
Safety aspects
Sea-basin cooperation
Social aspects
Type of practice: 
Stage of MSP cycle: 
Analyse spatial aspects
Cross-border / trans-national aspect: 
Coherence with other processes: 
Common Fisheries Policy
Habitats and Birds Directive
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Renewable Energy Directive

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • Where are the marine environmental features in Macaronesia?
  • Where do maritime activities occur in Macaronesia?
  • What is the general Atlantic maritime geopolitical context?

Implementation Context:

The document is produced in the framework of the MarSP project (completed in December 2019), aimed at improving the Maritime Spatial Planning process in the archipelagos of Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands.

Aspects / Objectives:

The document provides an overview of the maritime situation and issues in the Macaronesia, including statistics and maps for building a knowledge base of the area and supporting the regional MSP process.


All maps are produced using the official data.

Main Outputs / Results:

The document summarizes the main existing maritime uses in the Macaronesia, and contextualizes the situation of the archipelagos in general Atlantic geopolitical context. It provides a set of maps of current maritime activities and main marine environmental features.


The Atlas is specific to the Macaronesian region.

Responsible Entity:

Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FRCT)

Governo dos Açores - Secretaria Regional do Mar, Ciência e Tecnologia (DRAM)

Costs / Funding Source:

The MarSP Project was 80% financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The total project budget constituted 2,1M€.

Contact person:

Project contact:

Project coordinator: