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The 12-stage process on how a marine plan is made from selection to implementation and monitoring and how you can get involved.

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Applied in an MSP process
Not sector specific
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Develop and implement plan
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Questions this practice may help answer

  • What is the marine planning process in England?

Implementation Context

To support the development of marine planning in England, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the responsible authority for marine planning, undertook a number of activities to facilitate marine planning across the six marine plan regions (which will total 10 marine plans).

Marine plans are to be applied to decision making concerning activities and developments taking place in or affecting a marine area - both inshore and offshore (from 0 to 200nm) and up to the mean high water spring mark or the tidal extent of an estuary.

This website presents the 12-stage process on how a marine plan is made from selection to implementation and monitoring and how stakeholders can get involved.


Aspects / Objectives

Set out the process of marine planning in England


Online presentation of guidance.

Main Outputs / Results

Online at:


This guidance focusses on marine planning in England however the process and format of the guidance may be of wider interest.

Responsible Entity

Marine Management Organisation

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Marine Management Organisation

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Marine Management Organisation

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