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Lessons Learned Report for Scotland's first National Marine Plan


This document provides information about the lessons learned from the process of developing  Scotland’s first National Marine Plan.

Application in MSP: 
Taken into account in an MSP process
Not sector specific
Type of practice: 
Stage of MSP cycle: 
Develop and implement plan

Questions this practice may help answer

•       How was Scotland’s National Marine Plan developed?

•       What were the views, positive and negative, of stakeholders with regard to the NMP process?

•       What will be considered when the NMP is being further reviewed and amended (in 2018)?

Implementation Context

Scotland’s National Marine Plan (NMP) was developed over 5 years, from 2011 – 2016, to address the requirements for marine planning set out in the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. This national document will provide the basis for marine planning which will be undertaken by Regional Marine Planning Partnerships, across the 11 Scottish Marine Regions of Scotland. The NMP will be reviewed and amended, and this report presents an early analysis of the process so far, and the feedback from consultations, to ensure that the process is refined where required.

Aspects / Objectives

•       Analyse the feedback obtained through consultations on various parts of the NMP development process

•       Summarise considerations for future review exercises


A lessons learned process was undertaken to review the success of the delivery of each of the stages of development. This report has been informed by those who were involved in the development of the National Marine Plan. Feedback was sought in the form of internal and public consultation via a serious of workshops and an online public consultation on Citizen Space.

For each of the stages of development respondents were asked what they thought:

•       Went well;

•       Was less successful; and

•       Could be done differently for the next National Marine Plan.

The feedback will be used when the time comes to review the Plan in 2018 and to inform the process of developing regional marine plans.

Main Outputs / Results

Report available on line at:


This report specifically addresses Scotland but is of relevance to neighbouring countries, and others from the perspective of understanding the approach taken in Scotland.

Responsible Entity

Scottish Government.

Costs / Funding Source

Scottish Government.