Implementing a complex GIS for EBM


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Implementing a complex GIS for EBM through integrated monitoring and assessment of the biocoenosis status and its evolution trends in the fast changing enviroment. The aim of the practice is to establish a scientific and technological network for the implementation of an integrated informational system, to support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management activities, effective coastal ecosystem protection and conservation/rehabilitation of ecosystems in the Romanian Black Sea area".

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Nature protection
Type of Issue: 
Ecosystem-based approach
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Stage of MSP cycle: 
Develop and implement plan
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Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Key words: 

Implementation context

The Project “Implementation of a complex geographic informatic system for ecosystem-based management, through integrated monitoring and assessment of the biocoenosis status and its evolution trends in a fast-changing environment at the Romanian coastal zone of the black sea”, acronym “Ecomagis” was developed in the frame of Romanian Ministry of National Education, CNCS-UEFISCDI PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2 1427 (contract no. 69/2012) – Partnerships Programe. The aim of the project is to establish scientific and technological network for the implementation of an integrated informational system, to support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management activities, for an effective protection, conservation and rehabilitation of coastal the ecosystem of the Romanian Black Sea area.


Development of an operational integrate informational system provide a powerful tool for a great diversity of potential users and therefore can be beneficial to the exploration, rational exploitation, management, protection and conservation of the marine, coastal and deltaic resources, which are considered fundamental to the ecosystem-based management of the Romanian Black Sea area, and also near-real/real time marine and coastal hydro-bio-geomorphologic information to increase the control capacity and awareness at regional scale.

The objectives of Ecomagis were developed in order to provide baseline data and information to support management efforts to monitor and evaluate the marine coastal environment of Romanian waters, a rapid assessments and forecasts of the coastal ecological state based on the remote and in situ coastal monitoring and Coastal-Marine Ecosystem-base Management Tools. Creation of a web-portal, as a innovative sustainable bridge for remote exchange and sharing of good practices among the environmental bodies and give an important support for regional decision and policy making.


The methodologies involved were developed based on numerical model and WMS/MapServer application to incorporate different source of data, including assimilation of near-real time in situ data from automatic data collection instruments. WebGIS and associated Data WAREHOUSE system are a powerful tool for the elaboration of the predictions of the marine/coastal ecosystems dynamic processes, and also, associated with the near real-time upgraded databases it can be the drive of a dynamic decision system. The online data access is through project webpage (developed in Romanian language)  ( which includes a coastal marine forecast data provided as WMS, together with a GIS data portal with complete functionalities, including upgradation in participative ways by different users/CZ stakeholders, in both formats: vector and raster, but also metadata, documents and auxiliary data and information. The system permit also networking by a forum page.

Main outputs/Results

The main results Ecomagis of are related to the implementation of an informatic system with warning extension over the marine hydrodynamics and coastal ecological state, up-gradable in near-real time for Mamaia – Constanta representative pilot site of the project, as well WebGIS Portal, permitting the rapid assessment over the potential risks within Romanian coastal zone. Also, a gained result of Ecomagis was the actualization of the baseline data and information realized during project interval based on an integrate monitoring system extension for the ecological state of the coastal system – environmental assessment of the complex marine and coastal systems/ecological processes interactions at regional scale, thus allowing the harmonization of methods for the data processing, analysis as well for data arrangements, and data presentation, including extension of scenarios, and risk mitigation activities for the new coastal socio-economic developments, in the CZ.


The forecast and WEB GIS applications can be extended with additional data for different environmental applications, at different spatial and temporal scales.

Contact person

Razvan Mateescu

National Institute for Marine Research and Dvelopment “Grigore Antipa” Constanta

Department of Oceanography, Marine and Coastal Engineering

+40 241 543288

+40 241 540870 ext 124

Responsible entity

National Institute for Marine Research and Dvelopment “Grigore Antipa” Constanta, Romania

Funding source

Project financed by UEFISCDI as an activity under National Ministry for Research and Education Partnerships Programme  - Sesion 2011.