East marine plan areas: Evidence and Issues Report

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The report looks at the data used to inform marine planning decisions, and also highlights issues and opportunities for marine activities.

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Taken into account in an MSP process
Not sector specific
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Develop and implement plan
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Questions this practice may help answer

  • What are the most important issues to be addressed by marine planning in the East Marine Plan Area?
  • What data and evidence was used to support this analysis?

Implementation Context

To support the development of marine planning in England, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the responsible authority for marine planning, undertook a number of activities to facilitate marine planning across marine plan regions (which will include a total of 10 marine plans).

This report is a collation and assessment of the evidence and issues for the East Inshore and East Offshore marine plan areas, which serves both the planning process and the linked sustainability appraisal (SA) process.

Aspects / Objectives

  • Set out the evidence the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is taking account of in marine planning
  • Provide the MMO’s assessment of the evidence
  • Outline interactions between marine sectors and options for co-location
  • Highlight merging issues MMO needs to take account of in marine planning


The report was drafted and made available for consultation in 2011 and revised based on the views received.  The report also includes the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report formal consultation that is required under the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive in the UK. MMO has combined the SA scoping requirements with the other material in the report to reduce the number of documents at this stage in the marine planning process.

Evidence analysed included:

  • Data and information associated with the East Inshore and East Offshore marine plan areas
  • information and issues collated from stakeholders including responses from the informal consultation
  • national plans and policies that influence the management of the marine areas
  • local plans and policies that influence the management of the marine areas.

Main Outputs / Results

Report available online at:



The report focusses on a specific marine plan area in England, however the method of interpretation of evidence and how it should be addressed through subsequent marine planning effort may be of wider interest.

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Marine Management Organisation

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