Improvement of Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region


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Improvement of Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2013 - January 2014
Specific Funding Programme: 

Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2007-2013


Total Project Budget:           613 192,23 Euro

Total Grant ENPI:                 440 917,41 Euro

Total Grant IPA:                   110 955,60 Euro

Source: Fact sheet of Improvement of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region

About the Project: 

The project aims at developing and promoting common instruments and methodologies on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in 5 states, as well as to create a methodological framework, which could be incorporated into the administrative practice of all partner regions. The activities, implemented to achieve the objective, are:

  • Evaluating ICZM administrative schemes, indicators, methodologies, decision making processes and specific issues in each Project region;
  • Issuing an evaluation report of the political commitments strategies and actions plans adopted by the Governments in relation with EU obligations;
  • Organizing a workshop;
  • Delivering the Technical Toolkit Black Sea ICZM;
  • Drafting an ICZM Regional Partnership Guide within Black Sea;
  • Elaborating ICZM Partnership Toolkit within Black Sea Area;
  • Organizing an awareness campaign about the role of the citizens in bottom-up ICZM process;
  • Creating a Guide for public authorities on “How to involve citizens in ICZM process”.

project partners

Beneficiary: The National Administration Romania Waters, Dobrogea - Litoral Water Basin Administration, Romania

  • Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, Bulgaria
  • The Center for Regional Studies, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, Ukraine
  • Ecological Counseling Center Cahul, Republic of Moldova
  • Sinop Provincial Special Administration, Turkey
  • Turkish Marine Research Foundation, Turkey
  • DAYCO Foundation for the Protection of Natural Life, Turkey


  • Ministry of Environment and Forests, Romania
  • Rize University, Turkey
  • Governorship of Kastamonu, Turkey
  • Coastal & Marine Union, Netherlands
  • Regional Water Board Rijnland, Netherlands
  • Municipality of Zandvoort, Netherlands