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96 MSP Practices

UK - England - MSP

This report describes how the decision was made to plan in the South Inshore and South Offshore marine plan areas.


Development of marine spatial plans for Dorset (England) and Heist (Belgium) and associated materials.


The project provides a comprehensive planning and information resource to underpin sustainable coastal management at a local level.

UK – Wales: Draft Welsh National Marine Plan

The Draft Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP) was published in December 2017.

UK - England - MSP

Marine plans for 2 of the planning regions in England (East Inshore and East Offshore), including sustainability appraisals and other supporting documents.

UK - England – MSP

The report looks at the data used to inform marine planning decisions, and also highlights issues and opportunities for marine activities.


The Atlantic Checkpoint is one of the six Sea Basin Checkpoints set up within EMODnet, the European Marine Observation and data Network providing access to European marine data. EMODnet Sea Basin Checkpoints assess the quality and the utility of the current observation monitoring data at the level of the regional sea-basins. The concept of the checkpoints was first raised in the Green Paper 'Marine Knowledge 2020: from seabed mapping to ocean forecasting and were proposed to address shortcomings which still exist in the availability and accessibility of marine data in the EC. The Atlantic Checkpoint tests available marine data against 11 “challenges”, related to blue economy sectors, the marine environment variability and change, the emergency management and the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.


The purpose of the checkpoint is to audit the value of marine data services for solving particular commercial and policy challenges with the development of the Blue Economy.

The Environmental Baseline Study compiles data baselines, maps, risks, impacts and mitigation which can be considered in the development of offshore energy systems within the territorial waters of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherland

UK - England MSP

This project aimed to gain a better understanding of decision-making using adopted marine plans in England (UK).  Investigations were carried out into who makes decisions using marine plans as defined by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. The

Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative

This is a pilot marine spatial plan, developed for the Firth of Clyde in Scotland, as part of a number of pilots to inform the development of marine planning in Scotland.

Celtic Seas Partnership

Country/administration specific guidelines on how MSFD considerations can be integrated into terrestrial (land use planning), covering all aspects of the planning process.