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44 MSP Practices


"GeoReference Interactions Database" is a web-based flexible database connected with a number of tools (stress level and conflict score analyses) to analyse marine activities and interactions (conflicts and synergies).

Celtic Seas Partnership

Country/administration specific guidelines on how MSFD considerations can be integrated into terrestrial (land use planning), covering all aspects of the planning process.


The purpose of this guidance document is to promote the better integration of aquaculture, fisheries and other activities in the coastal zone by the identification and application of appropriate spatial management tools.


The PISCES guide was developed by multi-ntaional, multi-stakeholder collaboration and explores what is needed to implement the ecosystem approach in the context of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.


Guidance of better integration of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and other Activities in the Coastal Zone

This tool quantifies the impact on the activity of interest by future activities in terms of losses of parameters of interest while using R software (revenues, jobs, etc.)


Ireland’s Digital Ocean is a portal to data which has been collected in and around Ireland’s maritime zone.

Ireland MSP process

This National Marine Planning Framework Baseline Report represents a further step towards the development of a national marine plan for Ireland.

Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit, NUI Galway, Ireland 

The “Irelands Ocean Economy” series of reports have been produced the NUI Galway’s Socio-Economic Marine Research Institute and form part on an ongoing process of collection of subsequent analysis of marine socio-economic data.

Irish Sea Maritime Forum

A position statement reflecting the concerns and priorities of Irish Sea stakeholders on a number of issues, as well as suggesting future directions for ISMF activity.

MESH Atlantic

The MeshAtlantic project aimed to promote harmonised production and use of marine habitat maps covering the Atlantic Area by adapting and enhancing previous achievements in this area.


Guidance of Better Integration of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and other Activities in the Coastal Zone

This tool uses GIS software to analyse and visualise information on the location of the current and planned activities. 


An online infrastructure developed and launched by Marine TT to collate, manage and deliver information from EU-funded marine research projects and the Knowledge Outputs (KOs) generated by these projects.