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31 MSP Practices

IRIS-SES - Integrated Regional monitoring Implementation Strategy in the South European Seas

The aim is to develop decision-making tools for integrated environmental monitoring for the MSFD to support management of human activities and their effects in EU marine waters and scope the potential for joint programs (within and between Member


The objective of EBMS was to facilitate the implementation of the environmental management with the values of the management by ecosystem giving a better implementation of this strategy of the United Nations.


Review of the existing ship routing system and maritime transport facilities in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Development of a concept and a methodology for design and analysis of a new vessel traffic system.


The EMODnet Black Sea checkpoint is a wide monitoring system assessment activity aiming to support the sustainable Blue Growth at the scale of the European Black Sea Basin.


The MESMA Central Exchange application provides a framework to evaluate and monitor the management of spatially managed marine areas. Users can explore the analysis methods on the MESMA website.

16th session of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning (CEMAT)

The main objective of the Handbook is to contribute to improving knowledge of the basic theoretical and practical issues (including their legislative and institutional aspects) on public participation in spatial planning and spatial development in


For each of the 11 MSFD descriptors the methodologies used in the IAs and GES draft reports of the European Mediterranean and Black Sea countries are presented, combined with an indicative gap assessment for each descriptor.

Presentation by Lodewijk Abspoel

The intervision concept is an alternative method can be used to facilitate cooperative learning during workshops. It has been applied for at the European Maritime Day 2016 in Turku.


The objectif of this Manual of procedures is to become a reference document for institutions willing to implement – or subscribe to – a Local Information System.


An online infrastructure developed and launched by Marine TT to collate, manage and deliver information from EU-funded marine research projects and the Knowledge Outputs (KOs) generated by these projects.


Review and analysis of existing and future activities and uses in the cross-border area Mangalia (RO) – Shabla (BG). Development and assessment of alternative strategic scenarios for the region.


MISIS Black Sea Marine Atlas is a GIS application that provides user-friendly information to decision-makers on to the open public and facilitates the monitoring of Black Sea waters.