underwater cultural heritage


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The status report was developed within the framework of the BalticRim project. The document provides an overview of socio-economic aspects and management issues when linking maritime and underwater cultural heritage (MCH, UCH) with other Blue Econ


The Cultural Heritage Mapping Portal is developed within the framework of the PERICLES project, which aims to preserve and sustainably govern cultural heritage and landscapes in European coastal and maritime regions.


Marine archaeologists have developed new techniques and guidelines for locating, assessing and managing Europe’s underwater cultural heritage.

English Heritage (2014): Marine Licensing and England's Historic Environment.

Heritage assets are an irreplaceable resource and can be vulnerable to a wide range of human activities and natural processes. They have therefore been recognised by UK Government policy such as the UK Marine Policy Statement 2011.

Study of Conditions of Spatial Development of Polish Sea Areas Study of Conditions of Spatial Development of Polish Sea Areas

Classification of underwater cultural heritage in terms of its usability for development of underwater tourism.