marine spatial planning

Globally, ecosystem-based marine spatial planning has become a useful instrument to coordinate the planning of different authorities. This, for balancing different requirements when managing marine areas and space.

Science of The Total Environment Volume 776

The spatial expansion of offshore wind farms (OWFs) is key for the transition to a carbon free energy sector.

Marine Protected Areas - Science, Policy and Management

Rarely is the strong link that exists between Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) explicitly recognised.

Journal of Applied Ecology Volume 57, Issue 3

Connectivity of marine populations and ecosystems is crucial to maintaining and enhancing their structure, distribution, persistence, resilience and productivity.

Marine Policy

Marine Planning seems to offer promise to integrate oceans governance with a prospective approach to sustainability, most distinctively through the process of creating a spatial strategy contained in a marine plan, hence ‘marine spatial planning’.


We report the developments and results of the ECOMAR project, which have taken place 2018-2020 and was funded by THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.

Journal of applied ecology

This study provides a methodology strengthening the cumulative impact assessment by including seascape connectivity. This extension to the CIA improves ecosystem-based MSP implementation.

Ocean & Coastal Management

The governance of shared waters involves complex interactions between actors and institutions embedded in different legislative approaches, cultures and administrative procedures.

Marine Policy, Volume 123

The aim of this study is to elaborate on the business sector’s interest and involvement in MSP in the Baltic Sea region. The findings are based on the first-hand experiences of MSP authorities and experts.

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

The Maritime Spatial Planning is a piece of legislation (2014/89/EU) of the European Union that must be implemented by all member countries to enable management of their waters in a more coherent way to reduce conflicts, encourage investments, inc

Frontiers in Marine Science

This study provides an analysis of the multiple uses  that the sea has to offer in order to sharpen, refine and advance the public and academic discourse over marine spatial planning by offering a common framework to planners, researchers and user