land-sea interaction


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Pan Baltic Scope 

The report is produced as part of the Pan Baltic Scope project. It targets the spatial planners at the land-sea interface at municipal, regional and national levels. The main goal of the report is to share stories, ideas and lessons learned at dif


The report is a deliverable of the component "Develop and propose a conceptual methodology for transboundary MSP in the Northern Atlantic, with operational details on selected aspects" of the project SIMNORAT.


This document aims to provide a methodological guideline for analysing land-sea interactions (LSI) within MSP, and explores how such analysis can be embedded in the wider ICZM context.

The service contract resulting from this call for tenders related to “Maritime spatial planning and land-sea interactions” concerns an action which shall contribute to the extended use of territorial evidence adding a European perspective to polic


To improve the discussion on land-sea interaction in the development phase of the Dutch North Sea Policy Agenda, several authorities and organisations have developed movies. These movies are a different method of improving the discussion.

State Development Plan of Schleswig - Holstein

The State Development Plan (LEP) for Schleswig - Holstein regulates conclusively the spatial objectives and principles for terrestrial and for marine areas.