The draft Maritime Spatial Plan fo Polish Sea Areas, scale 1:200.000

During the drafting of the Polish MSP it turned out that in the fishing sector, the ICES reference grid squares were too big to use for the planning. Instead, the net profit of large fishing vessels was assessed to identify the most important fishing grounds and to map the results including the routes of the fleet. This exercise took half a year and was far cheaper than the normal assessments taking several years.

The call for proposals aims to support the reduction, monitoring and quantification, removal and recycling of marine litter. In particular, this call aims at supporting projects that develop methodologies and technologies to:

The MedPAN Association supports Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with the Call for Small Projects (CSP).

The application of Measure 1.8 “Fishing ports, quays for unloading, fish markets and shelters” (Programme for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2014-2020) is expected to contribute to attaining the specific objective “Improving competitiveness and vi