ecosystem services

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature

Marine and coastal ecosystems provide a variety of benefits, from food and climate regulation, to the crystal-clear waters and marine landscapes that are the basis for tourism and leisure activities.

Ocean and Coastal management

The study provides an assessment tool that links marine ecosystem components, functions, and services, and graphically represents the assessment process and its results.

Ocean & Coastal Management

The need to bring ecosystem services into strategic decisions and policy design for the governance of social-ecological systems is found to be mutually advantageous within the scientific and political community, as it may lead to better environmen

This report provides a set of key messages on the current use of Europe's seas and its combined effects on the condition of the marine ecosystem.

Management of the sea is increasingly complex, riddled with uncertainty and necessitates involvement from researchers across disciplines and stakeholders from multiple policy and practice sectors.


The document provides recommendations for structuring the datasets for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) based on scientific literature, reports of MSP projects conducted in the Baltic Sea region (BSR), documents prepared by the HELCOM-VASAB Maritime

ATLAS - Understanding deep Atlantic Ecosystems 

The document provides an inventory of deep-sea ecosystem services (as well as their Blue Growth potential) in various locations of the North Atlantic.


This tool was developed as part of a case study in the SIMCelt project to understand the concept and application of Ecosystem Services for MSP in a transboundary context by using existing and readily available datasets.

Clyde Marine Planning Partnership

This document presents the first step in formal regional marine planning in the Clyde.

SeaGis 2.0

Creating underwater maps of the area to be used as a basis for MSP, particularly when investigating environmental protection areas such as Natura 2000 and ecosystem services. The seabed of the Baltic Sea is poorly mapped.

Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit, NUI Galway, Ireland 

The “Irelands Ocean Economy” series of reports have been produced the NUI Galway’s Socio-Economic Marine Research Institute and form part on an ongoing process of collection of subsequent analysis of marine socio-economic data.