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The EMODNnet Baltic Sea Checkpoint is a sea-basin monitoring system assessment activity aiming to support sustainable growth in the blue economy.


The SEBA method has been newly developed within the BONUS BALTSPACE project.


EMODNet Human Activities Portal provides information on the geographical position, spatial extent and attributes of a wide range of marine and maritime human activities throughout Europe.


The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is a centralised gateway of marine data, products and metadata being assembled by more than 160 local, national, regional and international organisations.  EMODNet Data Portals provide acc

International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime Economy 5 (2016) 045-060

AIS data help with understanding where are important areas for navigation and fishing.

Baltic SCOPE

An inventory and analysis of available information on sector interests and needs was conducted per country (Estonia, Latvia, Sweden) for the Central Baltic case study in the Baltic SCOPE project.

UK - Wales

The portal shows the distribution of marine natural resources and how the seas are used. It will also be a means to provide feedback to the marine planning team on the information and data provided.

UK CP England - Marine Evidence Base

The Marine Planning Evidence Base presents information on all sectors and activities submitted to support the development of marine plans, including environmental, economic and social data.

Scotland's National Marine Plan

This interactive tool enables access to spatial information relating to the marine environment and activities, and has been designed to assist in the development of national and regional marine planning.


In this study, the distribution of benthic microalgae and invertebrates was mapped using a combination of diving, remote underwater video and airborne remote sensing in a brackish water habitat.

MSP for Blue Growth in the Gulf of Finland 

Metadata inventory was conducted in Estonia, Finland and the Russian Federation in spring of 2014.

This action aims at contributing to the development of an integrated observing system for the whole Mediterranean Sea building on existing facilities (remote sensing and in-situ) and initiatives, and addressing both the open sea and the coastal zo