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cross-border co-operation

Cross-border cooperation in Maritime Spatial Planning

These good practices were developed to support and encourage cross-border cooperation in MSP, particularly given that the practice of MSP is a social and political process, as well as a scientific and technical challenge.

Cross-border cooperation in Maritime Spatial Planning

These lessons learned are derived from four case studies analysed as part of the study, Cross-border cooperation in Maritime Spatial Planning.

European Commission DG MARE

This study was designed to assist the European Commission and Member States in the implementation of the MSP Directive through the identification of good practices of MSP, with a particular focus on cross-border cooperation.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment 

The report of joint research into the long-term potential of sea and coastal areas, translated into a vision, series of ambitions, opportunities, points of action and maps.


The project designed a process for cross-border MSP and developed a concept for monitoring and evaluation.