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This document sums up the main finding of the SIMNORAT “stakeholder engagement in MSP” component, which aimed to assess stakeholders’ perception of MSP and to support their engagement in the process, particularly concerning crossborder aspects.


To provide an overview of possible integration challenges (stakeholder, knowledge, sector and multi-scale), which might arise in MSP, the BONUS BALTSPACE project developed a communication tool.

Blue Solutions Initiative / MARISMA project

This short film explains MSP simply and dynamically. It is suitable for everyone: from local communities to planners and policy-makers.


The strategic project “ΘΑΛ-ΧΩΡ - Cross-border Cooperation for Maritime Spatial Planning Development” (THAL-CHOR) aimed at the development of a MSP methodology and its pilot implementation in selected area of Cyprus and Greece, as well as at supporting the preparation of both countries for the implementation of the EU Directive on MSP.

According to the Guidelines Integrated projects under the sub-programme for Climate Action are projects implementing on a large territorial scale climate action plans, strategies or roadmaps required by specific Union climate legislation, develope

LIFE Environmental Governance & Information co-finances action grants for information, awareness and dissemination projects to promote awareness raising on environmental matters and to promote knowledge on sustainable development and new patte


Guidance to MSP authorities in seeking to cooperate with each other in MSP activities covering adjacent waters, including on communication, stakeholder engagement, data management and policy analysis.


Compilation of potential and current best practices for addressing interactions and supporting successful cooperation between commercial fishery and offshore wind interests.

Fishery Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group (FLOWW)

Safety zones are granted during the construction, maintenance and decommissioning phases of an OREI development.