Blue economy


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This action aims at designing a plan for the creation of a multi-stakeholder forum that would make possible to better understand the potential health benefits of marine and coastal ecosystems.

This call for proposal aims at developing technologies and methods in order to test concepts of multi-use platforms leading to pilot demonstration phases. Projects should:

The aim is to develop novel specialised vessel concepts, which are economically viable and environmentally friendly, thereby supporting European growth and employment.

This action aims at contributing to the eco-intensification of European aquaculture, which has been identified as a challenge to meet global fish and seafood security needs.

Study of Conditions of Spatial Development of Polish Sea Areas Study of Conditions of Spatial Development of Polish Sea Areas

Classification of underwater cultural heritage in terms of its usability for development of underwater tourism.

Study on the Economic effects of Maritime Spatial Planning

This study aims to provide greater insight into MSP’s economic effects for the maritime economy and stakeholders directly related to the maritime economy.