Blue economy


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Τhe Cypriot small-scale fishing fleet is considered the backbone of fishing in the Republic of Cyprus, constituting its largest fishing sector.

In its third edition, the EU Blue Economy Report continues to analyse the scope and size of the Blue Economy in the European Union.

This report provides a set of key messages on the current use of Europe's seas and its combined effects on marine ecosystem condition.

Nature Sustainability 

The acceleration of global warming and increased vulnerability of marine social-ecological systems affect the benefits provided by the ocean.

Pan Baltic Scope 

Habitat-forming species are key in providing ecosystem services, green infrastructure and Blue Economy.

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning  

Although marine spatial planning (MSP) is increasingly being applied worldwide, it appears to be based on an ambiguity that has arisen from its dichotomous role of ensuring both conservation and development.


Marine spatial planning aims to create a framework for the oceans and seas that minimise conflicts between economic activities within the marine environment while maintaining good environmental status.

The following description explains the context and conditions for Blue Economy investments that European Investment Fund (EIF) will be seeking as part of the EFSI Equity Instrument, it also provides additional elements of considerations for invest


The DST-MPA is a tool designed to help users to find recommendations, provided within the framework of the PHAROS4MPAs project, concerning the environmental impacts of economic sectors in the Mediterranean.


The Blue economy concept and the Blue Growth agenda as a set of strategic objectives, offer principles and guidance to identify blue economy potential for the cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes.

WestMED Strategy

The purpose of the Initiative is to foster sustainable blue growth and jobs, improve safety and security and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity in the western Mediterranean region.