Baltic Sea


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In this study, the distribution of benthic microalgae and invertebrates was mapped using a combination of diving, remote underwater video and airborne remote sensing in a brackish water habitat.


HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group agreed on ten principles ten providing guidance for achieving better coherence in the development of MSP systems in the Baltic Sea Region.


The study is an example of how MSP and ecosystem based principles and actual planning process has influenced the search and assessment of new disposal sites at the nearshore of Lithuania.

Finnish marine strategy 2016-2021

The Programme of Measures assesses the sufficiency of the current measures to protect the marine environment.


This pratical information set shows the mapping and modelling of habitats in the Kattegat


This set of practical information shows essential fish habitats and fish migration patters in the Northers Baltic Sea


This practice provides the first Baltic Sea Oxygen Maps and analyses the depletion in oxygen concentration in the entire Sea and specific areas.


"For habitat classification purposes, surficial marine geology is a crucial variable together with e.g., depth, current, salinity and wave exposure. Marine geological mapping involves a range of hydro-acoustic and ground-truthing methods.


This report summaries the work related to marine landscape and habitat mapping published in 17 independent BALANCE Interim Reports. The BALANCE mapping efforts has operated at two scales:

1) the Regional Sea scale 


The model was developed to predict the location of Furcellaria lumbricalis habitats along the Latvian coast.

COEXIST / Guidance of better integration of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and other Activities in the Coastal Zone

The objective of suitability mapping for aquaculture is to produce maps showing which marine ecosystems are suitable for different aquaculture activities.