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The document is developed within the framework of the Bonus Basmati project. It provides the first proposal to turn one of the existing classifications into the marine-specific and MSP-relevant framework that can be used in BONUS Basmati case stud

Pan Baltic Scope 

The Assessment was conducted as part of the activities of the Pan Baltic Scope project.


This initial assessment report aims to provide a synthetic and shared overview of existing conditions and dynamics of the SIMNORAT project area.As a "living document", this report has evolved and has been updated throughout the project's duration,

HARMONY project

This report presents a first attempt to map human activities, pressures and potential cumulative impacts in the eastern parts of the North Sea. The mapping is based on existing data on human activities in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Scottish government

This report sets out guiding principles to inform the development of regional assessment process, the first step of regional marine planning in Scotland.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Commissioned by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) this study aimed to provide a strategic understanding of different areas of regional seascape character along the entire Northern Ireland coast.

Blue Hub

Mapping Fishing Activities (MFA) is the first high-resolution map of fishing intensity covering all EU waters. 


This report presents the outcomes of a workshop led by ICES on risk management in MSP, particularly focussing on a method called ‘Bow-Tie Analysis'.


Development of an evaluation framework for assessing the quality and effectiveness of MSP in transboundary contexts.


For each of the 11 MSFD descriptors the methodologies used in the IAs and GES draft reports of the European Mediterranean and Black Sea countries are presented, combined with an indicative gap assessment for each descriptor.


The practice presents a global synthesis of the work performed in the work package 2 of PERSEUS that was focused on the understanding of pressures and their impacts at costal level in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.


Assisting port authorities in identifying environmental issues and in assessing their significance.