Towards an integrated Mediterranean Sea Observing System


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Towards an integrated Mediterranean Sea Observing System

Available Funding: 
€ 8,000,000

This action aims at contributing to the development of an integrated observing system for the whole Mediterranean Sea building on existing facilities (remote sensing and in-situ) and initiatives, and addressing both the open sea and the coastal zone. In order to fulfil the objective, proposal must:

  • Provide an additional European contribution to established global observing systems
  • Contribute to increasing the temporal and geographic coverage of observational data
  • Provide qualified data to improve the predictive capacity of model products and improve the cost effectiveness of data collection in support of ocean-related industrial and societal activities
  • Improve the knowledge base that is needed in order to cope with global challenges
  • Improving the implementation of European maritime and environmental policies and international agreements
Eligible Applicants: 

Applicants must consist of at least three legal entities, each of which must be established in a different EU Member State or Horizon 2020 associated country. All three legal entities must be independent of each other.

This call for proposal is open to actions primarily consisting of activities aiming to establish new knowledge and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service or solution. For this purpose they may include basic and applied research, technology development and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype in a laboratory or simulated environment.

Projects may contain closely connected but limited demonstration or pilot activities aiming to show technical feasibility in a near to operational environment.

Project Length: 

The call opened 27/10/2015 and the deadline for submitting applications in the first stage was 17/02/2016.

The second stage deadline is 13/09/2016 and information on the second evaluation will follow maximum five months from the deadline for submission. The grant agreement will be signed eight months from the deadline for submission.

Further Financing Information: 

According to the call for proposal, it is estimated that proposals requesting a contribution of € 8,000,000 would allow the objectives of this call for proposals to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

The funding rate for this call for proposal is 100%.

Projects funded under this topic will by default participate in the Pilot on Open Research Data in Horizon 2020, with the option to opt-out.