Restoring Marine Ecosystems in the Mediterranean


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Restoring Marine Ecosystems in the Mediterranean

Available Funding: 
Indicative budget €1.500.000

The call for proposals aims to fund a project that will focus on the restoration of damaged or degraded Mediterranean coastal and marine ecosystems in zones with a particularly high potential to provide a wide range of marine ecosystem services.

In line with key Commission policy initiatives, the support of this strand is important, in the short and medium term, to help:

i. improving the health and good environmental status (GES) of marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea and its coast and contributing to the Mediterranean efforts on biodiversity conservation and restoration, as well as integrated coastal zone management;

ii. ensuring the continuation and improved provision of a wide range of services such as natural fish stock restoration, carbon sequestration, aesthetic, cultural or leisure services attracting visitors, and seawater purification;

iii. preserving the oceans' natural function as a climate regulator;

iv. increasing marine and coastal resilience to climate change;

v. supporting in a sustainable manner the basis and conditions for blue economy sectors such as tourism, aquaculture and fisheries, which are of great importance for the Mediterranean Sea basin;

vi. supporting the implementation of relevant strategies/initiatives and policy priorities in the Mediterranean at all levels, in particular the regional level. 

Eligible Applicants: 

EU Member States and applicants established in third countries bordering the Mediterranean sea basin, excluding volatile regions.

The eligible Mediterranean partner countries are the following:

  • Participating in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-regional Strategy: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia;
  • Participating in the Union for the Mediterranean: Algeria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey;
  • Participating in the Western Mediterranean Initiative (for specific objective c): Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco). 

Applicants must be legal entities, either public or private bodies.

Applicants must be active in the field of marine environment, research, marine, maritime affairs or any other field if their relevance for the project is duly justified in the proposal.

Proposals must be submitted by a consortium of minimum two legal entities from at least two different eligible countries, of which at least one must be based in an EU Member State and at least one in a non-EU country, both of which shall be bordering the Mediterranean Sea basin/area, excluding volatile regions. The coordinating entity (lead partner) must be established in an EU Member State.

Please see the full Call for Proposals for the specific eligibility criteria. 

Project Length: 

36 months

Further Financing Information: 

The EU grant is limited to the 80% of eligible costs actually incurred. Consequently, part of the total eligible expenses entered in the estimated budget must be financed from sources other than the EU grant.

EASME expects to fund one proposal.


For more Information: 

For more information regarding the procedure do not hesitate to read the call for proposal along with its annexes.

All questions related to the call must be sent exclusively by e-mail to: no later than 1 February 2018 (Brussels time), indicating as subject title the call reference for STRAND 4: “EASME/EMFF/2017/ RESTORING MARINE ECOSYSTEMS IN THE MED"