Productive Investment in Aquaculture – “Small Projects” Sector

Productive Investment in Aquaculture – “Small Projects” Sector

Available Funding: 
511 291.88 EUR

The activities under Measure 2.2 "Productive Investments in Aquaculture" in terms of sites’ modernisation and diversification of aquaculture enterprises will contribute to improving the competitiveness and viability of aquaculture enterprises, including to improving the safety and working conditions.

The implementation of these activities aims at:

  • Modernization of existing farms;
  • Improving the production characteristics of the holdings which do not lead to an increase in production capacity;
  • Improving working and safety conditions for workers in the sector;
  • Purchase of equipment for protection of farms from wild predators;
  • Reducing energy intensity and increasing energy efficiency of aquaculture farms (reducing energy transmission and distribution losses, improving energy performance of existing buildings, etc.);
  • Introducing renewable energy sources (RES) as important indigenous inexhaustible resources which use as much as possible both water potential and other sources of clean energy (wind, sun, geothermal waters, and biomass).
Eligible Applicants: 

Sole traders or legal persons, registered under the Commercial Act or under the Cooperations Act.

Project Length: 

The maximum duration of a project is up to 6 months as from the date of signing the grant contract.

There is not a requirement for minimum project duration.

The deadline for submitting applications is 16.08.2018, 17.00 o’clock local time.

Further Financing Information: 

The minimum amount of the eligible grant per project is 3 000 BGN / 1 533.87 EUR.

The maximum amount of the eligible grant per project is 48 895 BGN / 24 999.62 EUR.

Maximum co-funding percentage is 50% of all eligible costs.

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund provides 75% of the funding, and the remaining 25% are from the State Budget.

For more Information: 

The call for proposals along with all annexes can be found here[1]. The documentation is available only in Bulgarian.

The title reference for the call for proposals is BG14MFOP001-2.007 “Productive Investment in Aquaculture – “Small Projects” Sector”[2].

The project proposals should be submitted via the UMIS system, available at:

The Managing Authority for this programme is the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry[3].


[1] Long link:

[2] In Bulgarian: BG14MFOP001-2.007 - Продуктивни инвестиции в аквакултурите - Сектор „Малки проекти”.

[3] Web address: