Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea 2014-2020 - Greece


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Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea 2014-2020 - Greece

Available Funding: 
Total funding: € 523,356,305 National funding: € 134,578,391 EU funding: € 388,777,914

The Greek Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea (OPFS) 2014-2020 is one of the seven sectoral programs under the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework 2014-2020. The OPFS is operatively managed by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food (in terms of structure, priorities, calls and project administration) while the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism manages the funds required by OPFS and derived from National and EU sources (EMFF). This OP targets: (a) the support of the competiveness of fisheries and aquaculture enterprises and (b) the protection of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of resources. Programme priorities are:

  • Promotion of sustainable and competitive fisheries;
  • Promotion of sustainable and competitive aquaculture;
  • Support for the application of the EU Common Fishery Policy (CFP);
  • Increase of employment and support of cohesion;
  • Support of sales and processing;
  • Support of the application of the Integrated Maritime Policy;
  • Technical assistance.

Priority 6 is closely related to MSP.

Eligible Applicants: 

All entities and consortia of entities. Main coordinators and beneficiaries should be Greek though other international partners are not prohibited to participate in the consortia. In some cases, the calls may indicate specifically that the beneficiary (e.g. enterprise or cooperative) should cooperate with an established research or educational centre.

Project Length: 

The usual project duration is about 24-36 months. This estimate is based on the analysis of the previous operative program for the period 2007-2014. It is possible that the new calls will have different clauses. First calls are expected to be published by the end of 2016.

Further Financing Information: 

This framework programme will aim to fund:

  • Studies, including those related to the implementation of MSP, CFP and the EU Integrated Maritime Policy;
  • Investments, e.g. related to fishing ports and harbours, fisheries processing plants, fishing vessels equipment, new fishing vessels, new aquaculture farms, etc.;
  • Data collection, e.g. related to CFP, DCF/DCR, MSP, etc.;
  • Funding of actions realized by cooperatives of the fishery and aquaculture sectors.