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Interreg V-A South Baltic

Interreg V-A South Baltic

Available Funding: 
During 2014-2020 € 78,000,000 is available

The Interreg South Baltic is a funding instrument seeking to activate the potential for blue and green growth through cross-border cooperation. “Blue growth” addresses the economic potential to be developed in harmony with the marine environment, whereas “Green growth” refers to economic growth utilising natural resources in a sustainable manner. Financing is made available to projects that:

  • Increase presence and improve transfer of innovation for the benefit of blue and green sector SMEs
  • Increase the cultural and natural heritage assets into sustainable tourist destinations in the eligible area
  • Increase use of green technologies with a view to decrease pollutant discharges
  • Improve quality and environmental sustainability of transport services
  • Improve cooperation in the area through cross-border networks
Eligible Applicants: 

Applicants must form a cross border consortium, which involves partner organisations from at least two programme area countries. The following list of shows examples of eligible applicants (the list is not exhaustive):

·       Public administrations and agencies;

·       Municipal companies;

·       Chambers of commerce;

·       Clusters and business support organisations;

·       Education and R&D facilities;

·       Associations and NGOs;

·       Public transport operators, etc

Project Length: 

The third call for proposals will be open between 02/11/2016 and 16/12/2016

Further Financing Information: 

The Programme provides co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for cooperation activities between two or more organisations from at least two participating Member States.

The co-financing rate for Polish, Lithuanian and German beneficiaries is up to 85% of their eligible project costs, while Swedish and Danish beneficiaries receive up to 75% of ERDF co-financing. The ERDF co-financing is paid on the basis of semi-annual reimbursements.

For more Information: 

More information can be found on Interreg South Baltic website.

Questions related to the Interreg South Baltic programme may be directed at the Joint Secretariat.

If you need further information concerning access to the funding you can contact your National Contact Point.