Interreg V-A Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Sweden (Central Baltic)

Interreg V-A Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Sweden (Central Baltic)

Available Funding: 
€ 115,000,000 from the European Regional Development Fund is made available through the programme

This programme aims to foster a competitive economy, the sustainable use of common resources, a well-connected region and a skilled and socially inclusive region. In order to meet these objective projects should:

  • Support the creation of new companies and promote the entrance of the SME onto international markets
  • Promote sustainable use of marine ecosystems via maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management
  • Support the planning of the integrated, green, multimodal transport system, in particular support the sustainable development of small ports’ networks of the region
  • Enhance the competitiveness of vocational education and training and creating liaisons with the labour market
Eligible Applicants: 

A project partner can be public authorities as well as bodies governed by public or private law. Only large companies are excluded from acting as partners. The minimum number of partners in a project is two and must be from two programme area countries.

Project Length: 

The third call for proposals is planned to be open for the first-step applications from 02/01/2017 until 27/02/2017.

The typical duration of a project is 2-4 years.

Further Financing Information: 

Projects can be either regular projects or small projects. A ‘small project’ can have European Regional Development Fund budget of maximum € 200,000 and the project duration is limited to maximum 2 years.
Projects that last longer and have a bigger budget from the European Regional Development Fund are counted as ‘regular projects’.

For more Information: 

More information can be found on Interreg V-A Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Sweden (Central Baltic) website. Questions related to the Interreg V-A Finland-Estonia-Latvia-Sweden (Central Baltic) programme may be directed at the Joint Secretariat or the National Contact Points.