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Interreg North Sea Region Call 10 Expressions of Interest

Interreg North Sea Region Call 10 Expressions of Interest


This Call is open to Expressions of Interest only. The programme’s Steering Committee will meet in June 2019 to decide about the submitted EOIs. Successful EOIs will be invited to apply in Call 11, which will be open only for Full Applications. Call 11 will be launched on 28 June and close on 30 September 2019.  The Full Application requires detailed activity plans with targets, budgets and timelines, as well as technical information and funding guarantees from beneficiary organisations. A lump sum payment of 20.000 EUR is paid to all approved projects for preparation costs, provided they request it in the full application form.

The programme has 4 priority themes and each theme is divided into two or three specific objectives. Every project has to select one specific objective that it will work towards.   

Priority 1: Thinking growth
Priority 1 projects build strong partnerships and innovation capacity, with a special focus on small and medium sized companies and public service delivery.

Priority 2: Eco-innovation
Priority 2 projects accelerate the region's circular economy, development of green products and services, and the green energy transition.

Priority 3: Sustainable North Sea Region
Priority 3 projects catalyse climate resilience, ecosystem management, blue growth, and maritime spatial planning.

Priority 4: Green transport and mobility
Priority 4 projects foster sustainable freight and passenger transport, shared mobility and accessibility. 

Eligible Applicants: 

Norway, Denmark, eastern parts of the UK, the Flemish region of Belgium, northwest Germany, the northern and western parts of the Netherlands and the south-western area of Sweden. You must apply as part of a partnership, and every partnership must include at least 2 beneficiaries from 2 different countries. However, projects should have a positive effect on large parts of the programme area so only meeting the minimum requirements will generally be considered a weakness. You need to be a legal entity (organisation or otherwise) based in the programme area in order to apply. There are limits on which private sector organisations can perform the role of Lead Beneficiary. Partners from outside the programme area can be part of a partnership under special conditions.  

Project Length: 

The programme funding period is 2014 to 2020, but this is only the period when the European Commission provides its funds to the programme. These funds can be spent for some years after the final grant is provided by the European Commission. All projects, however, must complete all activities, including final reporting, by mid-2023.  

Further Financing Information: 

All partners can claim reimbursement of 50% of costs for all project activities, although applications should always check the specific conditions for each call for proposals for information on the total funds still available and any special funding terms that may apply. There is no formal minimum or maximum budget for projects, but projects will be assessed on value for money and larger projects will be expected to deliver significant benefits to the programme area.