Interreg Mediterranean - Third Call for Modular Projects

Interreg Mediterranean - Third Call for Modular Projects

Available Funding: 
Overall ERDF envelope in the framework of this Call is 30M€. The breakdown between Axes is 8M€ for Axis 1 and 22M€ for Axis 3. The overall IPA envelope in the framework of this call is 2M€. The breakdown between Axis 1 and 3 will be made by the Programme.

The overall objective of the Interreg MED programme is to promote sustainable growth in the Mediterranean area by:

  • fostering innovative concepts and practices (technologies, governance, innovative services…),
  • reasonable use of resources (energy, water, maritime resources…)
  • and supporting social integration through an integrated and territorially based cooperation approach.

Under this aim, the Interreg MED programme will support projects that will promote the reduction of the potential impact of human activities on environmental and cultural heritage and ensuring a better protection of natural resources.

The Interreg MED programme is divided into four priority axes. This call is targeted to the Programme priority axes 1 (only sub-objective “Blue Growth”) and 3, and only to the following type of projects: Multi-module M2 Testing + M3 Capitalising (i.e., only testing, transferring and capitalisation activities should be foreseen.)

Priority Axis 1: INNOVATION - Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth

Specific Objective 1.1: To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area. Under this Axis, this call is open only for projects applications referring to the blue growth.

Priority Axis 3: ENVIRONMENT - Protecting and promoting Mediterranean natural and cultural resources

Specific Objective (S.O.) 3.1: To enhance the development of a sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the MED area

Specific Objective (S.O.) 3.2: To maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas.

Type of Projects:

M2: - Testing: Pilot and transfer actions

The “Testing” module should promote a large-scale application / replication of existing tools or solutions.

M3 – Capitalising : Transfer, dissemination and capitalisation

The “Capitalising” module should see its types of activities reinforced in order to ensure a level of capitalisation compatible with the Programme's strategy and will have to take into account outputs of finalised MED projects.

The projects submitted in the framework of this call shall build on existing initiatives in the MED area including the outcomes of the Interreg MED closed (2007-2013 and 2014-2020) and ongoing projects (2014-2020). For more information on the projects, see the Interreg MED Web Platform.

Eligible Applicants: 

The Call is targeted at public authorities and non-profits:

  • Public authorities
  • Public law bodies (bodies governed by public law)
  • Civil Society

Attention should be particularly paid to the involvement of competent regional and national level structures. Projects have to involve at least five financing partners (EU and IPA countries):

  • from at least five different countries from the Interreg MED Programme area and
  • with at least four of the partners located in the Union part of the Interreg MED Programme area (four ERDF partners within the MED Programme area)

Projects under the Axis 1 shall directly involve SMEs as beneficiaries in the project applications. The involvement of SMEs (in particular under GBER status (50% of ERDF co-financing)) in the projects under the Axis 3 is highly recommended.

Project Length: 

32 months

Further Financing Information: 

Under the Interreg MED programme, the eligible project activities are co-financed by the ERDF at a rate of either 85% or 50% (for partners under GBER Regulation 651/2014).

Project budget should be between 2.5 and 4 million € in total, depending on the planned activities and the partnership involved.

Under the S.O. 3.2, an indicative number of 4 projects are expected to be approved.

The detailed descriptions of the financing issues, partners co-financing and the application process can be found in the Programme Manual.

For more Information: 

Applications will have to be submitted online via the Programme monitoring system, SYNERGIE CTE. The tool being rather complex, it is strongly advise to read the user guide.

An applicant seminar will take place in Marseilles on Wednesday 28th November. More information here: Applicant Seminar - 3rd call.

More information and documents (included the Terms of Reference) can be found here: Third call for modular projects.