Interreg Central Baltic 4th Call for Proposals

Interreg Central Baltic 4th Call for Proposals

Available Funding: 
8 Million EUR

The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 is a cross-border cooperation programme. Its scope is to finance high quality projects in Finland (including Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden, that aim at solving common challenges together and across borders. Each priority is broken down to specific objectives. Each financed project will be implemented under one priority and one of its specific objectives. The aims of the programme are defined in the specific objectives. The result indicators under each specific objective capture the change that the programme wants to achieve in the region.

The application process in the 4th call is done in 1step for small and regular projects. This means that the applicant is expected to fill in the full application, meaning activity plan, budget, partnership and so on in the eMS immediately.
Due to limited amount of available funding, it is encouraged that projects consult the Joint Secretriat to ensure a good fit of the application to the programme and high quality of the project.

Programme objectives

Specific Objective 2.2

Sustainably planned and managed marine and coastal areas

This specific objective aims to address joint challenges and issues related to maritime spatial planning of exclusive economic zones of territorial waters and integrated coastal zone management. It also aims to foster cooperation, mediate and find the balance between different sectors that have different interests using marine and coastal resources, e.g. agriculture and nature conservation, tourism and coastal protection, shipping and fisheries. The objective should lead to sustainable use of the fragile resources of the Baltic Sea and its coastal areas.

Types of partners
Organisations and authorities responsible for the planning of territorial waters, exclusive economic zones of territorial waters and coastal areas, organisations contributing to planning and management, such as authorities from specific sectors using marine and coastal resources, including environmental protection organisations

Indicative list of actions supported
Information collection, surveys, supporting and carrying out participatory processes preceding official planning process, experience exchange events, seminars, conferences and visits on implementation of management practices which follow the official planning processes, creating manuals, guidelines, agreements, e-platforms and solutions for supporting participatory processes, planning processes and management

The main target groups
Local people, visitors and companies interested in developing sea and coastal resources

Result indicator
Share of marine and coastal areas with improved management

Output indicator
Number of jointly targeted planning and management activities

Eligible Applicants: 

A project partner can be a public authority (national, regional and local) as well as a body governed by public or private law. Only large companies are excluded from acting as partners. The detailed descriptions of partner eligibility can be found in the Programme Manual. The minimum number of partners in a project is two and they must be from two programme area countries.

Project Length: 

The eMonitoring System (eMS), in which the application is filled in, is open between 15.10.2018-16.11.2018.
The Steering Committee takes the decision on 4th call projects in February 2019, thus making the first possible start date for projects 1 March 2019.
Projects have to end by 30 June 2021.

Further Financing Information: 

The 4th call is targeted and only the following Specific Objectives are available:

Priority 1, SO 1.1. and SO 1.3. (€3,2m)
Priority 2, SO 2.1 (€2,1m)
Priority 3, SO 3.1 (€1,8m)
Priority 4, SO 4.1 (€1m)

The programme aims to fund at least one project in each opened Specific Objective. There is funding for a few projects in each Specific Objective.
The maximum ERDF rate is 79% on project level.