Integrated projects under the sub-programme for Environment


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Integrated projects under the sub-programme for Environment

Available Funding: 
€ 63,600,000

According to the Guidelines Integrated projects under the sub-programme for Environment are projects implementing on a large territorial scale (regional, multi-regional, national or trans-national scale) environmental plans or strategies required by specific Union environmental legislation, developed pursuant to other Union acts or developed by Member States' authorities, primarily in the areas of nature, water, waste and air, while ensuring involvement of stakeholders and promoting the coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other relevant Union, national or private funding source.

Integrated projects should:

·       Promote the coordination with and mobility of other relevant Union, national or private funding sources

·       Demonstrate effective and well-coordinated implementation of a plan or a strategy to realise environmental objectives

·       Include a high quality multi-purpose delivery mechanism enabling replicability in other policy areas

·       Ensure that main stakeholders are actively involved in the design and implementation of the project

Integrated projects under the sub-programme for Environment should help Member States and regional and local authorities in the implementation of strategic plans in the areas of nature, water, waste and air. 


Eligible Applicants: 

Legal persons (entities) registered in the EU can apply for the Action Grants. Moreover, applicants may fall into three types of beneficiaries:
• Public bodies
• Private commercial organisations
• Private non-commercial organisations (including NGOs)

Project Length: 

The call was launched 19/05/2016. The deadline for the submission of concept note in Phase 1 is 26/09/2016 with deadline for submission of full proposal is 15/03/2017.
There is no pre-determined project duration for a LIFE Integrated project. However, considering the project's direct link with long term plans and strategies most Integrated projects are expected to last between 6 and 10 years.

Further Financing Information: 

The indicative total budget for project action grants for this call is € 337,536,184. Of this, € 273,936,184 is foreseen for the sub-programme for Environment and € 63,600,000 for the sub-programme for Climate Action.
Total indicative budget available for Integrated projects in 2016 is about € 79,000,000.

There is no fixed minimum size for Integrated project budgets. Beneficiaries should, however, be aware that considering their scale, the proposals for Integrated projects are expected to be large and ambitious with a substantial budget that well exceeds the average LIFE grant size awarded to LIFE "traditional projects". It is foreseen that the LIFE programme would contribute – on average – € 10,000,000 to each Integrated Project.
The maximum co-financing rate from LIFE for the Integrated projects is 60% of the total eligible project costs. The remaining 40% of the cost shall be covered fully by the own contributions of the project beneficiaries or supplemented by co-financers.

For more Information: 

More information can be found on the website for LIFE Action Grants. Further information related to the priority areas and objectives can be found in the LIFE Regulation. Member States have set up a network of Life National Contacts Points. The National Contacts Points may provide support to applicants during the preparation and submission phase for further details.