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European Maritime Day 2018: Apply for workshops

European Maritime Day 2018: Apply for workshops


Thematic stakeholder workshops are at the core of the conference. Each workshop lasts 1.5 hours. For 2018 we plan to select 18 high-quality workshops (three slots with 6 workshops running in parallel).

Workshop organisers design and manage their workshop. We require workshops to have an interactive format that engages the audience into discussion and aims to deliver key policy messages / actionable conclusions.

Stakeholders will indicate whether they aim to:

Discuss policy development with a view to generate recommendations on how to advance the EU's/national/regional/international maritime agendas

Identify and discuss best practice and advanced solutions to improve the delivery of policy objectives and sustainable development goals.

The European Commission ensures the general coordination and information for the workshops and provides the needed logistics: rooms and equipment (computer, screen, WiFi, sound equipment). The available space in EMD 2018 in Burgas is:

5 amphitheatres (400, 230, 180 and 2x150 fixed seats) and
6 rooms with possible café style organisation (40 seats).

Workshops must have a maximum of 4 presentations and provide a minimum of one-hour discussion time. Organisers can apply for one of the following themes: 

  • Maritime Spatial Planning (incl. land-sea Interaction)
  • Coastal and Marine Environment, Climate Action
  • Marine Research, Innovation & Technologies
  • Ocean and Off-shore Energy
  • Aquaculture & Sustainable Fisheries
  • Ocean Literacy, Maritime Skills & People
  • Ports as Innovation Hubs, Maritime Clusters
  • Sustainable Tourism, Coastal Communities
  • Digitalisation & Big Data for Maritime Applications
  • Blue Bio-economy, marine biotechnology
  • Maritime Security, Surveillance and Information Exchange
  • Sea Basin Cooperation & strategies
  • Funding & Investment for Blue Growth

Every proposal is assessed and approved to the extent that:

  • It contributes to one of the themes, set out clear and relevant objectives and invites high-quality speakers from the public and private sectors.
  • The format of the workshop is interactive, engaging the audience into discussion, and aims to deliver actionable conclusions/key messages.