Workshop on co-existence and synergies in MSP

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12 April, 2018

The workshop on Co-existence and synergies in MSP took place in Edinburgh 4-6 April. The workshop was co-organised by ICES Working Group on Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management (WGMPCZM), the Horizon2020 Project MUSES (Multi-Use in European Seas). Apart from the members of the ICES WGMPCZM and MUSES project partners, workshop has also gathered a wide range of maritime professionals, including  government representatives, marine spatial planners, and maritime industry representatives, to discuss synergies and co-existence in marine areas as a key issue in MSP. The workshop had a highly interactive format and discussed questions included 'What types of synergies and resulting benefits can be identified?  What is the role and limitation of MSP in supporting different types of synergies? What are the barriers and preconditions for implementation of the multi-use concept?".

Moreover, in the context of MUSES project workshop participants have discussed what actions are needed to support transition of co-existance and multi-use from concept to life. The workshop report is expected to be completed in July, providing a more structured approach to understanding coexistence and synergy in MSP and its links with other relevant factors including policy, regulation, funding and social perspectives. 

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