Warsaw Regional Forum

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18 October, 2017 - 20 October, 2017
Warsaw, Poland

The principal topic of the 2017 conference will be concentrated around flows of capital, information, technology, notions, sounds, and symbols (Castells 1997). These flows have become a process that shape the economy, politics and primarily the space. The spatial structure is determined not so much by places, but by the network of mutual linkages and by flows developing between these places. The problem of linkages and flows has become a subject that combines many different fields of science, including especially these disciplines that deal with spatial aspects (such as geography, spatial management and regional economy). Numerous research projects that are carried on in the EU and in the particular countries are directly or indirectly concerned with this process of interaction (inter alia under HORIZON 2020 and ESPON 2020). One of the goals of the Warsaw Regional Forum 2017 is to deepen the knowledge about linkages and flows by way of exchange of thoughts and experiences between scholars representing different disciplines and projects.  

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