Virtual Reality for Maritime Spatial Planning


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4 June, 2020

Virtual Reality for Maritime Spatial Planning – updates from the MSP Challenge and Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Have you ever had the chance to visit an offshore wind farm in full operation? If you have, then what about an experimental farm with floating turbines? How instructional would it be if you could monitor its two-year construction process in only 15 minutes? Then jump into MSP in Virtual reality! 

Perhaps, you want to change a few parameters such as rotor blade size or distance between the turbines. Then flash to shore and see how the new wind farm will change the seascape. Now experience your new wind farms as a seagull or harbour porpoise. Virtual and Augmented Reality can realize this. The Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Challenge simulation platform ( has been designed to help decision-makers, stakeholders, and students understand and manage the maritime (blue) economy and marine environment. Using advanced game technology and game thinking, it is designed to engage and immerse users, making it a perfect environment for stakeholder engagement, planning through co-design, learning, and education. 3D Ocean View adds immersive visualization to the MSP Challenge simulation platform. The module is still a Proof of Concept (PoC).

A second demo adds a seagull or harbour porpoise perspective to MSP. To keep up to date with these developments, contact the team through the MSP Challenge website, the Digishape website or follow them on Twitter.


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