VASAB Stakeholder Workshop "Achieving coherent and sustainable development of the macro-region - Unique teamwork of the countries around the Baltic Sea''


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15 May, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The workshop will address questions such as:

  • What is the added-value of macro-regional cooperation?
  • What are the benefits of common actions and mutual knowledge as the main pillars fostering coherent and sustainable regional development in three themes: urban networking and urban–rural cooperation, internal and external accessibility and maritime spatial planning?
  • What are the future challenges and opportunities for macro-regional cooperation after 2020?

VASAB (“Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea”) is intergovernmental multilateral co-operation of 11 countries of the Baltic Sea Region in spatial planning and development, both EU and non-EU countries guided by the Conference of Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development, steered by the Committee on Spatial Planning and Development of the Baltic Sea Region (CSPD/BSR) composed of representatives of respective ministries and regional authorities (Germany, Russia).

Policy makers and stakeholders involved in macro-regional development and cooperation concerning urban planning, accessibility and maritime spatial planning at EU, macro-regional and national level are invited to participate in this workshop. It also addresses the practioners and researchers interested in macro-regional topicalities.

Topics on MSP:

  • Regional cooperation on MSP at transnational, cross-border and national level
  • Linking practice with science – a benefit for MSP
  • Added value of macro-regional cooperation
  • Cross-border dimension in MSP – how to achieve the coherence of maritime spatial plans?
  • Involvement of research community for more evidence based MSP