Updates on Finnish MSP processes

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13 December, 2018

The status report of the Finnish maritime blue economy is completed. It is one part of the planning evidence for Finnish MSP´s.  According to the study, Finland has the greatest offshore wind power potential in the Baltic Sea region, but only one offshore wind power farm in production so far.  MSP´s can promote establishing maritime wind energy and so foster achieving global climate goals.

A research project BlueAdapt - Enhancing Adaptive Capacity for Sustainable Blue Growth financed by the the Academy of Finland has started. BlueAdapt project supports MSP by developing innovative means for supporting sustainable blue growth in food production, energy production and tourism.


Future scenarios for the Finnish maritime area will be developed in 2019. Scenarios will facilitate the dialogue with stakeholders and help in creating visions and targets for the development of MSP´s. Scenarios will be drafted in cooperation with the Capful Ltd.

Many EU co-financed projects support Finnish maritime spatial planning. In Pan Baltic SCOPE, stakeholders’ involvement into the planning process is enforced and a cross-border case study between Finland, the Åland Islands and  Sweden, FI-AX-SE –case, will be carried out. Plan4Blue is a MSP cooperation project between Finland and Estonia. It facilitates cooperation between planners and scientists and provides also future scenarios for the Gulf of Finland sea area.

More about Finnish MSP

Many developments are currently on-going that are relevant for the MSP process in Finland. The status report of the finnish maritime economy has now been completed and the research project BlueAdapt has started, which will look at how to enhance adaptive capacity for sustainable Blue Growth in Finland. 2019 will see the development of scenarios for the Finnish maritime space. In Pan Baltic Scope, a cross-border case study between Finland, the Åland islands and Sweden will be undertaken.